Who are you?

My name is Neda Niquie. I am a mom (of a boy and a cat), wife, a decent cook and a cake artist, but first and foremost a fashion designer who hates the fast, polluting clothing industry. I also love movies and obsess with history. 

I am a fashion designer that advocates of fashion draping, creative draping and searches for perfection in design. I am obsessed with making beautiful dresses from A to Z, that feel couture.  

What’s this place?

Online Fashion Workshop is my platform where I can connect with like minded individuals who want to learn the art of Draping, Dress-making and Fashion Design. We have monthly ‘How to make this dress’ videos, short and long fashion construction,and draping courses. On top of many contents around these subjects that hopefully will be useful for your work and journey.

Why is it special?

Through OFW, you get the chance to be able to work with & learn from a designer that

= built her own brand
= got featured in Vogue, L’Officiel, Martha Stewart, Brides, etc
= won CFDA’s Best Fashion Design Portfolio award
= worked with celebrities, making red carpet gowns
= worked closely with TV show projects
= and taught in fashion schools many years teaching Creative Draping and Fashion Design Final Projects.

Bonus:  Fun Facts!

  • My mom used to make my cute dresses and as an only child left alone too long next to her fabrics, sewing machine and her magazines. 
  • I was born in Iran, left the country when I was a little kid after the revolution and grew up in Istanbul. Moved to San Francisco when I was 21 to study Fashion Design. Overall these 3 cities have a significant place in my life.   
  • I was born into a socially active, party lover interesting family. My mom was a strong willed, independent and colorful woman who raised me by herself, and raised me to believe in magics and that everything is possible.  
  • I feel uncomfortable and bitchy around stuck up people in the fashion industry!
  • I have a huge appetite for music genres but ultimately 80’s, 90’s Rock, Punk and alternative is my style. 
  • I started making cakes, because I wanted to look cool to my son. I took a break from working in fashion after pregnancy and the first 2 years into raising my son, so I  was super frustrated that I wasn’t sewing, draping or creating. 
  • One of my bf, told me I was wasting my time in fashion, I could never make money, or be in the Vogue magazine that I love so much. I left him, I built my own brand, featured in Vogue many times! I heard he left his “ Successful money making” job and became a fashion photographer! I love Karma! 
  • I always speak the truth and can’t stand BS, and people who dislike me at first become my best friends for life! 
  • Believe it or not, I have Scopophobia! Which means, I cannot stand being in front of camera or being stared at! Yes,  life is a huge irony!

This  platform is safe for non-binary and LGBQT!  I have no patience for bigots, the racists, and hateful! Please do not sign up or become a member if you cannot be kind and respectful.