How to Sew Baby Hem on Silk

Back when I was studying Fashion Design, I used to go to super-fancy department stores and take nicely made high-end dresses and gowns to the fitting rooms (guilty here!!) and study their structure, construction and finishing of garments. 

I became obsessed with this research and took piles of notes and photos.
This was really helpful in learning & understanding the difference between high and low-quality sewing and finishings.
I was super-obsessed with sewing clothes that didn’t look home-made!
Not that that’s a bad thing, but the high-end look is my obsession, still to this date.

One thing that I always noticed was the absence of overlock finishing, especially on non-stretchy fabrics. Most of the linings were closed and the hem of flowy band lightweight fabrics were stitched super narrow and tiny.
I started to look for answers, how do they do that?

This was 13 years ago when there wasn’t as much information online as today, but I still can’t find a good video on super narrow hem with silk fabrics. There are some videos on cotton, linen etc types of fabrics, which are so much easier to do than on silk, chiffon.

So I decided to make a video on how to roll a tiny narrow hem and sew it with a machine.