Bias Strips on Silk Fabrics

Today I’m going to share a demo on preparing and cutting Bias Strips on silk fabric, which can be pretty tricky because they are very slippery and not easy to cut. I’ve seen many videos online on cutting bias strips, but they are usually either uninformed or not very good.
And they also don’t show how to do it with silk satin.

First let me tell you, you must be patient, and you must cut each strip one by one, instead of layering on top of each other and then cut. DON’T. 

In the demo I’ll show how to add two bias tapes and extend it longer. 

I love to use bias binding and Spaghetti straps when I design and sew my gowns, and bias tapes are the first step on preparing for those two.
If you like to use bias binding in finishing your garment, I recommend adding many tapes together and have very long tapes ready at your disposal. It makes your work go faster and smoother, when you need it.